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Pole dance is a sport at the vertical pole. It trains strength, endurance, stamina, coordination and concentration. It can be executed as a pure polesport as well as a dance sport. At Polesport the training is geared to technique and figure and spin training and dance sport to choreography, so the dance. With stretching courses and workout courses you complete your workout.

Even as a non-poler you are in good hands with us in the studio. In addition to flexy and relaxation classes, we also offer aerial hoop, silk and hammock courses. Hoop is the air ring, Silk the vertical cloth and Hammock the hammock. All in all an acrobatic undertaking for all who would like to learn it.

Weight and age does not matter. Nor any previous knowledge.

They are not necessary. Everything you need for training, we give you! How much is a trial lesson?


Adult € 14 and students € 12

When can you visit a trial lesson?

At any time by prior arrangement. (WhatsApp: 015901852684)


How is such an hour structured?

-Warm Up

-Dance or technique training

-Cool down

What do you have to bring with you for the first hour?

-short AND long pants



-Socks, because we train without shoes

-Please refrain from hand creams and lotions, otherwise you will slip off the pole (only relevant for polers)


How can I sign up?

either: About the course plan

-Per E-Mail to info@verticalsgym.de -Per WhatsApp to 015901852684

We look forward to pole with you!


Christina & Team


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